How to Use Emotion In Print

How to Use Emotion In Print

I talked about how people will do things to either gain pleasure, or to avoid pain.  Since yesterday was about PAIN, today we’ll focus on pleasure.

When you’re trying to write about how ‘pleasurable’ or ‘enjoyable’ it could be to do business with you, you have to understand how your customers think.  They don’t think in terms the business owner thinks about. You see, in order to get your prospects to understand a ‘fun’ or ‘pleasurable’ experience – you have to paint a mental picture for them.
And not just paint a picture…you have to paint a picture with THEM in it.
Think about it.
Let’s say I was writing an ad for a hotel or buy 1000 word essay (not a real ad by the way)…
Which of the following passages gives you a strong visual image?
1)  When you check into our hotel, you’ll begin to understand how great life really is.  The scenery is second to none, mind blowingly beautiful, and best of all – our staff will be at your whim to give you the service you’ve truly desired.
— OR —
2)  The second we place your room key in your hand, the smile on your face won’t disappear until WEEKS after you arrive back home.  You’ll instantly be given the ‘royal treatment’ as you have the option of being fed the freshest and juiciest fruits you can imagine.  As you lay out next to the pool, and your margarita or favorite cocktail will NEVER be empty as you’ll have your own personal concierge at your disposal.
During your stay, make sure you take advantage of your FREE massages, which will quickly melt every ounce of stress in your life away — even the worries about whether or not you’ll have your favorite Starbucks beverage in your room.  You simply won’t find another location that treats you EXACTLY like you want to be treated. Entertainment? We’ve got you covered. Play your favorite slot or hit the craps table with $200 of free casino credit – on US. And here’s the best part — you pocket your winnings.  You’ve got nothing to lose – we GUARANTEE IT.
See the difference?
When you talk about pleasure, you’ve got to paint word pictures your prospects can relate to.
You’ve got to understand that just because you see something one way, doesn’t necessarily mean your prospects will.  So if you’re talking about PLEASURE – show them what pleasure looks like.
Paint a picture for them and show them how great it will be, and if you do it correctly – your prospects will understand you and reward you with their purchase.
Have you ever run into a friend after they’ve seen a movie or been on a trip where they come back and tell you all about it, and you wish you would have gone?
If so, then you know how powerful the emotion of LOSS can be.
The feeling of “loss” is one of those emotional triggers that’s very powerful in today’s world.
Here’s why:
For one, we live in an “instant gratification” society.  For you, me, our clients – waiting is a thing of the past.
People don’t like to wait.  Patience rarely exists anymore because right now, you can get practically anything you want through the right technology.
Knowing this, you have to understand where your prospects are before you use “loss” in your marketing pieces.
Understand no one, and I mean NO ONE likes to miss out on something that will bring them pleasure.  So, just as with the emotion of ‘pleasure’ in yesterday’s post, you have to paint a picture in the mind of your prospect of what they COULD experience.
And then, just as quickly – you have to paint a picture of pain and displeasure showing them what they’re lives or experiences will be like if they don’t take advantage of your product or service.
If you’re selling personal training, you could talk about how great they’d feel, how much energy they’d have, how much more confident they’d feel because of all the compliments they’d get from their friends and family, and how happy they’d be when they can put on their ‘high school skinny’ jeans.
Then, you flip it.
Talk about what they’d feel if they didn’t take you up on your personal training services.  Mention the fact about everytime they walk past a mirror, they’d be reminded of how far they let themselves go, or talk about the health problems they would face if they didn’t do something about their situation right now.
See what I mean?
Emotions are SUPER powerful if you use them the right way.  Tomorrow — I’ll tell you about a rarely talked about emotion that’s exceptionally powerful in getting people ‘off the fence’ when it comes to buying.  So don’t miss it.

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