Capss Infusion

Capss Infusion

In the course of time, active ingredients can settle, separate, lose their effectiveness and decay. In other cases, products require a complicated blending process from the consumer, which is often time consuming, error prone and messy.


With CAPss mixing technology, the main ingredients are stored in a container under a cap and separated from the liquid in the bottom. The widget rmade by Capss Infusion educes or prevents degradation and eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in perishable items. For chemical, medical and pharmaceutical applications, the precise dosing and instant mixing of CAPss eliminates complexity and enables revolutionary packaging systems.

Possible uses include beverages, CBD products, nutraceuticals, ventilation, hygiene, hair care, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many more. CAPss can be adapted to a range of basic containers with a variety of design and aesthetic options.

So you wonder, what is an infusion cap? When the container is opened, CAPss automatically injects a stream of active ingredients (vitamins, flavors, serums, colors, etc.) into the base and instantly mixes them, creating an exciting visual effect and confirming to the user that their product is activated. In this way, the consumer is involved in the creation of the end product.

Extended shelf life
Transparent and more attractive drink on the shelf. This includes the consumer in realizing the bottom line: that drinks are an experience! Theser caps are foolproof: The caps cannot be stolen without the infusion taking place, so there is no risk. Also, it is possible to use them on all bottle sizes and materials, such as plastic and glass and so much more. According to trusted sources this solusion is guaranteed to be the best quality of the ingredients in the container. 

They offer a free quote on their website, so how about getting yours today? We're quite sure you'll be impressed.


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